Top four wireless earphone 2018 letest in india hindi review

Top four wireless earphone 2018

Wireless earphone ki lokpriyta ab phle se kafi jayada ho chuki h. bar bar ulajhane vale tar or koi naye phone me 3.5mm ki audio jak ki unipasthiti iska ak bada karan h . agr aap kbhi bhi phone pr bath krne ya music sunne k leye earphone ka use krte h to vayer less earphone aajma skte h . aaj kl vayer less earphone kafi saste damo pr bajar me mil rhe h . in he wireless in –earphone ya bluetuth earphone bhi khqa jata h

In k kye new modal h jo ki 5000 se bhi km damo me mil jate h

so gyes aaj hum bath kerne vale h kuch he dino me lonch huve earphone k bare me .hum bath krege un k fechar ki or un k un ki prize ki .

or ha ye wireless earphone aap k bajat me h

1. oneplus bullet wireless earphone

2. soni MBR- XB50B5


4. JBL E25BT


Top four wireless earphone 2018
Top four wireless earphone 2018

oneplus bullet wireless

Ha to dosto bath kerte h hum is k basic specifition ki to is earphone ki market prize h 4000 ki or is earphone ki sabse achche bath h is ka battery backup . agr apn is ko 10 minutes charge kre to ye non ston 5 ghante tk music sonata rhega . or agr is ki bettery ko full charge kr de to ye 8 ghante tk non stop sound sonata rhe ga bina kise rukavat k.

Or ye earphone fully ruberraejad h or sath me shandar finishing bhi. Or is ka base ki bath kru to bhut he lajavab base h . is ka base achcha krne k leye company ne is me 9.2mm k driver – in house energe tube lagaya gye h .

Or ye earphone itne camftable h ki kano ko koi pareshanni nhe hoti h or na he kane me koi dard hota hIs earphone ki sabse achche bath h is me left earbard se google assistant ko lonch kiya ja skta h .

naplas ne landan ke ek ivent mein apana phlaigaship phon vanaplas 6 lonch kar diya gaya hai. kampanee ne yahaan phon ke saath-saath apane nae vaayaralais eeyaraphon ko bhee lonch kiya hai. kampanee ne ise bulet vaayarales eeyaraphon naam se pesh kiya hai. is eeyaraphon kee sabase khaas baat baitaree hai, jo 10 minat ke chaarj mein 5 ghante ka baikap hai. saath hee yah eeyaraphon phaast chaarjing bhee saport kar raha hai

pheechars: yadi aap vanaplas vaayarales iyarafon kee in visheshataon ke baare mein baat karate hain, to yah eerafon ek paseena panjeeyak aur baarish panjeeyak hai. in iyarafon mein chumbakeey klaimp ke saath inhen chaaloo aur band karana aasaan hai. chumbakeey ant chipakaane ke alaava, ye iyarafon chaaloo ho jaate hain aur unhen hataane ke baad yah svachaalit ho jaata hai. isake alaava, yah eerafon bhee aptx kodek ka samarthan karata hai.

At the launch of the OnePlus 6 this May, OnePlus also took the wraps off a special accessory — the Bullets Wireless earphones. In addition to the OnePlus 6, these will work with the OnePlus 5 and 5T optimally as well, and otherwise with any other phone.

The Bullets Wireless are actually not a hundred per cent wireless. The earbuds are connected to each other with the neckband that also houses the electronics and controls needed. But they’re wireless enough in that they work on Bluetooth. Hence, the user is free to go for a run or travel about without having to worry about keeping them connected to the phone with a cumbersome cable.

The OnePlus earphones come very nicely packaged in a box that has a tiny USB Type-C cable, extra ear wings and tips and a lovely silicone case in a brilliant shade of red. That case looks delightful and will keep both earphones and cable protected and in one place and will easily slip into a bag or pocket. The only problem is that the earphones don’t really bend to be an ideal fit into the case. You have to force them in. While this may do them no harm, it’s a cumbersome task.

Snap to stop

The Bullets are very comfortable and stable around the neck where they’re also safe from being dropped. One clever feature is that the outside of the earbuds is magnetic and they snap together. This makes a loop around the neck and makes them even safer, and also has the effect of stopping the music in its tracks. When you pull them apart, the music resumes. This feature works with the OnePlus 6, 5, and 5T. Exercising or running with them has clearly been factored in because sweat, splashes or a bit of rain isn’t going to damage them. A swim however, will. They don’t fall out — not if you choose the correct ear tips for your ears.

The Bullets have the usual three-button set-up to control music and volume. The Play button will also trigger the phone’s personal assistant when long pressed. On the left is a button that when pressed for very long will make the set pairing-ready. It didn’t make any fuss pairing with either Android or iOS devices.

The sound quality on the Bullets is clean, clear, and detailed.

For my own tastes however, I found I needed more bass and also tended to find the sound too sharp — enough to make me yell ‘ouch’ at times. The earphones have 9.3 mm dynamic drivers and support Qualcomm aptX for higher quality Bluetooth streaming, not something you find on all Bluetooth earphones. They also use ‘energy tubes’ to reduce distortion and do a good job of it. While you can’t fault these on clarity, many may like a more full-bodied sound.

One thing’s for certain — ten minutes of charging with any charger does indeed give you hours of listening, as OnePlus claims. A full charge will give eight hours of play and a quick ten-minute charge provides five hours. This is a rare convenience. OnePlus has chosen to go with a USB Type C charging cable for this one, which is nice as most new devices are now using this standard.

Price: ₹3,990

Pros: Quick charges, supports aptX, distortion-free, comes with a nice case, clear sound quality, magnetic stop-play feature, splash proof, comfortable

Top four wireless earphone 2018
Top four wireless earphone 2018


Ha to dosto is earphone ki sabse acache bath h kui ye earphone waterproof h or yr earphone un logo k leye kafi acache h jo ki sport earphone k shokin h or sath me aap ko is k sath soni ka bhrosa bhi mil jata h

Or is ki better yak bar charge kre to 8 gante battery backup deti h

Is ki prize 4400 ruppes h

Top four wireless earphone 2018
Top four wireless earphone 2018


Ha toh dosto bath kr te h jabra alet 25e ki to ye earphone bhi wireless hone k sath sath water prouf h . or bath kre is k sound qulite ki to is ki sound quvalite bhut he shandar  odiyo maikrophon aavrtti renj 100 hartj se 7.5khz (chauda baind), 100 hartj se 3.5khz (sankeern baind) vakta 15 mimee gatisheel vakta raashtrapati baindavidth (sangeet mod) 20 hartj se 20 hartj tak adhyaksh baindavidth (bolane ka tareeka) 50hz se 7khz (vistrt baind), 50hz se 3.5khz (sankeern baind) phit aur aaraam se hedaset phorm kaarak gardan baind aiargails aiargails ke 3 set (eseesee paik (es, el) ke saath 2 set kaan jel saamagree silikon rabad gardan saamagree silikon rabad upayog mein aasaanee aiarbuds mein maignet gardan ke chaaron or aasaan aur aaraamadaayak sthiti ke lie. jab aiarbuds jude hote hain, to aapaka sangeet ruk jaega ya aapaka kol samaapt ho jaega nirbaadh odiyo niyantran voyas batan, uttar / ant kol, asveekrt kol, voyas daayaling *, antim sankhya rediyal *, volyoom kantrol, traik kantrol, ple / poz myoojik, voyas gaidens kampan chetaavanee haan, gardan mein baitaree baat karane ka samay 18 ghante tak sangeet ka vakt 14 ghante tak **chaarjing shakti aur samay lagabhag do ghante kanektivitee pramaanapatr blootooth® 4.1, seeee, ephaseesee, aaeesee, gost, aaroeches, aareeseeech, aaeepee 54 anukoolata javaad elit 25ai blootooth 1.1 (ya uchchatar) ke saath any blootooth divaison ke saath sangat hai blootooth jodee soochee 8 divais tak saadhaaran aayaam (el eks dablyoo eks ech) el 48.3 eks dablyoo 17.9 eks ech 23 mimee (el 1.9 eks dablyoo 0.7 x 0.9 inch 0.9) boks saamagree jura elit 25ai, atirikt iyaraglaas (es, el), 1 yooesabee kebal, 1 kvik staart gaid, 1 vaarantee buk, 1 chetaavanee mainual, 1 panjeekaran mainual gale ke maap gardan chaudaee: 145 mimee / hedaset lambaee: 400 mimee hedaset vajan dhaatu vajan ke saath 48 graam rishta blootooth® 4.1 gaarantee ek varsh seemit vaarantee jabara daayarekt haan parichaalan taapamaan: -10 digree selsiyas + 50 digree selsiyas

Top four wireless earphone 2018
Top four wireless earphone 2018


Ha to bath ki jaye is wireless earphone ki to ye earphone dekh ne me bhut he sandar h or sath me is ka music bhi bdhiya h or sath me is ki market prize bhi bhut km h

Or bath kr le is ki dijain ki to ebeeel ee 25 hedafon vaastav mein kaaphee achchhee tarah se nirmit hain. hamane haal hee mein kuchh vaayarales in-kaan hedafon dekhe hain, aur unamen se adhikatar badee in-kaan ikaiyaan hain – lekin ee 25 beetee nahin.

jin hedafon kee ham sameeksha kar rahe hain ve ek achchhee gaharee neelee hain, lekin ve kaale, laal, hare aur saphed rang mein bhee upalabdh hain. yah ek achchha rang chayan hai, aur jab kaale log nishchit roop se us “chikana” ko thoda behatar lagate hain, to neele hedafon abhee bhee bahut achchhe lagate hain – aur thoda aur majedaar.

aisa ki bataaya gaya hai, jebeeel ee 25 beetee hedafon kaee any in-kaan hedafon kee tulana mein kaaphee patala hai, aur nateeja yah hai ki ve bhee adhik aaraamadaayak hain.

kaan mein hamesha aaraam ke mudde hote hain, aur aap aam taur par unhen bahut lambe samay tak pahanana nahin chaahate hain – phir bhee, jebeeel ee 25 beetee un vikalpon ko peedit karata hai jo any vikalpon kee tulana mein bahut kam hain.

Ab bath krte h is ki sound ki to

dijain aur aaraam mahatvapoorn hain, lekin tarkasangat roop se dhvani ke roop mein mahatvapoorn nahin hai. shukr hai, haalaanki, jebeeel ee 25 beetee hedafon bahut achchha lagata hai.

chalo baas ke saath shuroo karate hain, jo dhvani gunon kee baat karate samay kaee logon kee soochee ke sheersh par hota hai. in hedafon par baas bahut achchha lagata hai – yah ganda aur bina chhedachhaad ke gande hai, aur jyaadaatar log khud ko hedaphon kee peshakash par adhik baas nahin chaahate hain. in hedafon par baas mein spasht badhaava hai – isalie jo log adhik praakrtik dhvani vaale hedafon kee talaash mein hain, ve dekhana jaaree rakhana chaahate hain, lekin any log in dhvanion se kaise prasann honge.


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